XMLGridStudio Online Manual

XMLGridStudio Grid Table Row

Table Row Context Menu

You can open the table row context menu by right-clicking the row number in the leftmost # column of a table.

  • Add Element After : add a sibling element after a selected element.
  • Add Element Before
  • Add Child Element : add a child element at last under a selected element.
  • Delete Element : delete a selected row element.
  • Copy Element : copy a selected element and its descendants.
  • Paste Element After : add a copied element as a next sibling of a selected element.
  • Paste Element Before
  • Paste Element as Child : add a copied element as the child of a selected element.
  • Move Up : move a selected element up.
  • Move Down
  • Add Text into Row : add a text node under a selected element.
  • Add CData into Row : add a CDATA node under a selected element.
  • Copy XPath : copy XPath of a selected element to the clipboard.