XMLGridStudio Online Manual

XMLGridStudio File Menu

File Menu

  • New File : open a new file tab for editing.
  • Open : open a file in a new file tab.
  • Open In This Tab : open a file in the current file tab.
  • Recent Files : open a file from the recently worked file list.
  • Save : save the content in the current file tab to a file.
  • Save As : save a file with a new file name.
  • Make a Backup : make a backup file with a postfix of the current datetime without changing the file name of the current tab.
  • Import JSON : open a JSON file and convert it to XML.
  • Import Excel : open an XSLX file and convert it to XML.
  • Export JSON : convert XML to a JSON file.
  • Export Excel : convert XML to an XSLX file.
  • Page Setup : page setup for printing.
  • Print
  • Close : close the current file tab.
  • Close All : close all the file tabs.
  • Exit : exit from the XMLGridStudio application.