XMLGridStudio Online Manual

XMLGridStudio Grid Table Structure

Grid table UI represents repeated elements with attributes, child elements and text/CDATA.

Grid View Structure

Grid table shows elements as rows in order with a row number in # column.

Repeating elements' name is displayed as a labeled box at the top. You can double-click the name to change the element name.

Attributes are displayed with @attributeName as columns first.

Child elements are displayed in columns following attribute columns.

Text, CDATA nodes are shown in the rightmost columns.

You can do operations by right-clicking the repeating element name at the top, a row number, attribute name, element name, Text column, CData column, or grid cell.

Area Selection : first select a cell by left-click, and then select another cell with the Shift key.

You can filter element rows by entering a word at the text box left to 'Find' button and then pressing the 'Find' button.

'Reset' button will remove the filter and show all the rows.